Navel Rings

At, we celebrate the most popular piece of body jewelry throughout history - the belly button ring! We also have information on other body piercings.

Navel rings have been around since at least the times of the Aztecs, and were popular among the Incas, the Egyptians and various other tribes throughout the ancient world. In those cultures, body piercings were about more than fashion. They denoted status in society, bravery in battle and spiritual connections with the gods. According to some, Roman centurions pierced their nipples, Egyptian royalty pierced their navels, and Native Americans often used body piercings in coming of age ceremonies.

The modern world has not seen skin and body piercings in quite the same way. Until the early 1980s, the only parts of the body that were habitually pierced were the earlobes. The Punk scene changed that, piercing lips and tongues and brows and nipples, often with safety pins and found jewelry. What started as a counter-culture declaration eventually grew into a fashion statement, much as love beads did in the Sixties. Body piercing - and especially navel piercing - was sneaking into the mainstream, but when supermodel Christy Turlington bared her new belly adornment at a London fashion show, belly button piercings really came into the limelight. The celeb fatales who sport navel sparklies include Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Cher and Christina Aguilera.

Why the Navel?

There is something inherently sensual about a navel ring, the glint of color and sparkle of precious metals and gems calling attention to the planes of the belly and the soft curve of the waist. While it is not technically sexual, many women will tell you that it most certainly is an erogenous zone - but that really doesn't account for its appeal as a piercing site.

"It's beautiful," says one young woman who sports a simple gold ring that seems to encircle her deeply indented navel. "And when I wear a jewel there, it makes me feel beautiful and sexy."

It's just a little daring, a plastic surgeon adds. "It can be private, a secret little reminder that you love your body."

And loving your body is what it's about, according to at least one expert. "I see a lot of women in here who are doing this for THEM, because it makes them feel good." Writer Buzz McClan's wife is one of those. She got her navel pierced in celebration after she lost her 'baby weight'. And in case you thought that navel piercings are just for tweens and twenty-somethings, McClan's wife was thirty-eight when she decided that she deserved a navel ring.

It's not an uncommon reason. For many women, piercing their navels is a symbol of the way that they feel about their own bodies. While social scientists and commentators contemplate the navel and the sudden popularity of navel piercings, women who have opted to wear belly rings will tell you loud and clear - it makes them feel good about themselves.

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Below are some popular varieties of belly button rings

Materials Shapes Styles Gauges Birthstones & Gems
white gold
14k solid gold
surgical grade stainless
14 (standard for piercing)
16 (typically used for smaller healed holes)
amethyst (February)
aquamarine (March)
blue sapphire (September)
blue topaz (December)
cubic zirconia (cz)
diamond (April)
emerald (May)
garnet (January)
opal (October)
pearl (June)
peridot (August)
pink sapphire (September)
ruby (July)
yellow topaz (November)